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Our products are the best of science and nature.

Working directly with our chemist, we have developed a full line of supplements for healthy individuals. We work with full natural enzyme activity throughout the extraction process, transforming them into an electrokinetic colloidal form. We call our process SMART Nutrition.

Our Support

Our staff really cares about you. We spend a great deal of time with our customers, as needed, and we rejoice when they rejoice, we cry when they cry, we truly care. We encourage you to contact us if you need any help with our products, as we have had a few decades of experience and we may often have insight you could benefit from learning.

About Our Founder

In The Beginning

The Maxam story actually starts back in 1978. I was working as an electrical engineer for a large California utility company, married with three children, when my father died rather suddenly from brain cancer, he was 57 years old. We had been best of friends our entire lives, he was never sick, never in the hospital, ate very healthy foods, and had taken his vitamins, brewer’s yeast, and wheat germ every day that I had known him. In those same several years, I had attended the funerals of many of my co-workers that were about my father’s age. My niece had also suddenly died in those years at the age of 4. The cause was unknown for the next several years, but my suspicion was a dietary enzyme deficiency. Which was later validated.

My mother was very organic and we were all raised with food out of the garden. She, as her mother before her, had studied and used herbal medicine, baked her own bread, and none of us ever went to the doctor very often. I had picked up a lot of knowledge from her, and can remember going to the one and only health food store in San Jose, California at about the age of five.

After the deaths of my father, my niece, and so many of my co-workers, I started getting history from the families, and learned more about their family genetics, toxic exposure history, service history, etc. I had also gotten a download on my own family history. Everyone on my father’s side of the family had died from some sort of cancer at a young age. My father had lived the longest at 57.

I already had a long history of every type of skin cancer going back to when I was about 24, and always seemed to get every cold, flu, or anything else that was passing through. On one of my next visits to the doctor, after sharing my family history, he told me there was a very high probability that I had the cancer gene. Over the next several years numerous other doctors confirmed this through various tests. I was told to have a good life and plan on having my affairs in order by about the age of 55.

My Quest for Knowledge

I had been studying nutrition, health, amino acids, herbal medicine, and Homeopathy for my entire life just for general knowledge, but now I was on a mission: my own longevity, and mortality. Why did I have a cancer gene? Where did it come from? What about my brothers and sisters? What about my children?

Now, my studies went deeper into cellular biology and the inner actions of nutrient absorption in the body. My father seemed very healthy, he took his vitamins, he was very active, did all the right things, and he was dead. I spent most of my spare time in health food stores talking with the owners, reading books on cellular biology, and learning about all new discoveries in health and nutrition.

I had gone through a devastating divorce in 1984, and in 1986 I took custody of my son, to raise him as a single parent. In those same years my beautiful oldest daughter had been in a horrible car accident leaving her body badly broken, in a coma, and with a head injury. As I sat with her comatose body in the intensive care unit every night for many months, I pondered the true meaning of life and the ever so delicate thread we all hang from. I watched the love and dedication offered by the many ICU trauma angel nurses that were watching over my sleeping broken daughter. What unique and fragile beings we all are. I also developed many insights into health and the healing process. She did eventually come out of her sleeping state, relearned how to walk, talk, count and fully recovered. She is now a very active, loving, passionate part of our mission at Maxam.

In those same several years I also experienced an awakening of my own, and was told to take charge of my destiny and follow my passion. There was much to be done with all the health knowledge I had been learning my entire life, and in 1998 I quit my career as an engineer and my son and I moved to Hood River, Oregon. 

The Exodus North

Hood River had one very small health food store, owned by a woman that worked the store by herself. I asked her for a job, and she said there was not enough business to keep her paid, let alone an employee. I then asked her if I could volunteer to work for free, and she could take a day off. I started coming in every Wednesday to learn everything I could about the natural products industry. I had tons of information in nutrition that I had spent the last 30 years acquiring and now I could put it to use. I was also able to examine new products and send samples into labs for testing. After my father’s death, I thought maybe the quality of the products he was taking was the reason they didn’t work and he died of cancer. The store became very busy, and I soon started spending my Saturdays there to be able to talk with loggers and others that could not come in on Wednesdays.

After about six months I realized I could make much better products than most anything available. Many of the products I had been taking for years did not test out very high and were somewhat watered down. I then started driving down to Eugene several times a week to spend some time with East Earth Herbs and learn from the master herbalist on traditional extraction methods. I was also able to attend many seminars, and workshops on health, and different alternative therapies.

In my boredom at the health food store, I started ASN (Advanced Sports Nutrition), in the back room, which in the beginning was a distributor of very cutting edge sports nutrition supplements. With all of my health food storeowner friends in California, I was able to bring in the latest and greatest supplements. I also started developing my own line of products working with East Earth Herbs, Jade Medicine, and other companies. I then moved out of the health food store and continued to develop new products that were always the best of the best. Due to my own approaching fate, I only used the very best; the absolute highest quality extracts, amino acids, herbs, etc. Never using any excipients, fillers, or chemical binders.

By 1996 ASN had developed a line of about 130 products, covering bodybuilding, sports nutrition, longevity, general health, etc. Every thing we did was the absolute highest quality I could find. I had herbal, ayurvedic, amino acids, Chinese extracts, and Homeopathic products. With every product I developed, it was for me first, then for my Gym members, then for the general public.

In 1997, I realized I was approaching my fate and what the doctors had all agreed on years earlier. I had still been quite sick on a regular basis since moving to Oregon. I had suffered chronic sinus infections, colds, gotten the flu every year; something wasn’t working. In my own personal history and back working with the utility I had been exposed to extremely high levels of PCB’s, DDT, lead, mercury, chemicals of every nature, and lots of glyphosate, the main ingredient in Round-Up, and Agent Orange. In reading journals and watching the news, disease was continually on the rise; everything seemed to be getting worse instead of better. With the billions of dollars being spent on cancer research, why was there not yet a cure? Were we a devolving species? Why did no one have the answers? Were we all just victims to our fate? I came to the conclusion that supplements as we know them, didn’t really work, and I discontinued a large portion of my 130-product line. Keeping only the ones in which I had complete confidence.

If no one had the answers, maybe I was asking the wrong questions to the wrong people. I started researching the questions, who are we? How do we really work? What is a disease? What is food? Where does a disease come from? Why are we here? Maybe rather than look for cures, we should be looking for causes. As I started asking the right questions, I soon began receiving the correct answers. My life then became a passion of total dedication to the preservation of human life on earth. To save myself, my family, and the world from needless suffering and pain.

Over the next year, I had been questioning, and interviewing many chemists, cellular biologist, and other deep thinkers in the world of creation, life, evolution, the history and the fate of humanity. None of them impressed me, and most of their science was antiquated and flawed. Then, I was introduced to a strange but brilliant chemist in Boston. He had been researching the same topics as I for the last 20 years, and had come up with some very simple and yet very complex answers. 

Size Does Matter!

Maxam Nutraceutics was then born, and an entirely new concept in dietary supplements was developed. Rather than conventional milligrams, and grams, where the body actually rejects 95% of the nutrient, he was working in harmony with the body and with nature. Doing exactly what nature would do with a fermentation process of micro, nano, pico, and femto nutrient fractions, colloidal, ionicaly charged, and enzymatically active. Nothing could be more natural, more simple, or more effective.

One of our first conversations was on the need for detoxification, and the elimination of our lifetime absorption of chemicals and poisons. I had definitely collected more than my share, and realized that my toxic chemical burden was what had been a large part of my lifetime immune suppression. We then developed PCA, which has been our main product for the last 15 years. We have about 40 products using this amazing technology, but have planned to cut the line down to about 15 products. One thing we hear repeated by our thousands of satisfied customers over the years is "finally a product line that really works.”

Over the years, with our continuing research, we have employed several third party chemists and other research facilities at an expense ranging from $15,000.00 to $50,000.00 per month. To date, I have personally invested about 5 million dollars into the research and development of this technology.

With current research now being released by the WHO, the NIH, and many Universities on the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), epigenetics, and the correlations between chemicals and increasing disease states. It becomes more and more validated that we are, and have been, on the leading edge of nutritional science, and the future of health.

As we continue into the future with our technology and products, it only becomes more and more exciting that we are able to offer hope to those who would otherwise be left hopeless.